How to feed a dog

I’m working too much. I taught 6 days last week – more about that later – and then was struck down by an allergy attack from smoke in the air from crop burning. Tonight I finally have some breathing space.

Oh, the hazards of being a doggy daddy. The photo below was the result of a nasty canine bacterial skin condition which I won’t describe in detail. Xiao Gou Gou had to spend 3 afternoons in a row at the doctor’s office, spread-eagled on a table with his legs tied down, hooked up to an IV drip. Come to think of it, sounds like a sex fantasy I once had (minus the IV drip). I sat patiently by him for 2 hours at a time as he endured this torture, sometimes howling and trying to break free.

This is NOT fun – the reluctant patient
Bottom line: the poor dog has either a vitamin deficiency or food allergies. So that’s what all that scratching was about.
XGG is slowly healing, but once the vet bill had reached 1,000 yuan, I called it quits and decided to practice home care. My grandfather, after being asked about his doctors’ prognosis, once pointed to himself and famously declared, “This – this is the doctor.” He was a self-centered S.O.B.

Feeling a little disoriented
I managed to find some home-cooked dog food recipes online, and then I began to experiment with a healthful, hypoallergenic diet. So, my cooking has gone to the dogs. It’s pretty easy, actually: find all the vitamin-packed foods you can, chop them up or mash them, mix with diced chicken meat or ground pork, form the stuff into balls, and steam them.

Raw material

The recipe: steamed carrots and sweet potatoes, chopped celery and cucumber, some mashed cooked beans, a ripe banana, chopped cooked chicken, ground pork, 2 eggs, about a cup and a half of oatmeal, some crushed vitamin pills, grated fresh ginger, cinnamon, and allspice.

It’s a hands-on process. Mix well, form into balls.
I put the meat-vegetable balls into the steamer basket of my rice cooker. It’s convenient because I can cook something else – rice, soup, chicken – at the same time. Steam for about 20 minutes. Voila! Bon apetit.
Ready for the cooking phase

Waiting (im)patiently. He’s getting used to the plastic “Elizabeth” collar, but wishes it were a bit more fancy.

All gone!

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