…when out of the corner of my eye….

I practiced my guitar until my left butt cheek fell asleep. Usually it takes about 30 minutes for that to happen, then I have to look for something else to do until I can resume. So I’m blogging.

I’m in an in-between period right now, trying to relax, but knowing that the new semester is only a week away, and other part-time work will soon demand my time.

Last week my friend and I made a pilgrimage to the Bank of China to perform the twice-yearly ritual of transferring funds to my Citibank account in Los Angeles. That should please my creditors, all of whom I hope to have paid off in a few months. Hooray!

Yesterday the building manager brought me a replacement telephone, since the old one died, but I didn’t notice it for a while since I use my cell phone all the time. Xiao Gou Gou got so hostile that he bit my hand when I was closing him in the study room. I still have a tooth impression on my wrist.

On top of everything else, I think I’m copying the writing style of Janet Evanovich, in her Stephanie Plum Mystery series. Life could be worse.

My thoughts, and my life, are happening in short, disconnected bursts right now. Friday the UESTC teachers had our annual meeting with the Foreign Language administration, and my schedule is concentrated into six classes a week, on three mornings. Sounds pretty ideal to me. The only major change is that I’ll be teaching “advanced” students this year. Also, each teacher is expected to give a lecture once each semester; I’m thinking of something to do with American architecture, or maybe just crazy buildings in L.A.

The photos this week, as they often are, were taken by my friend; this time it was an outing to a Rosa Cake bakery, followed by a trip to IKEA. By the end of the year I may purchase a digital SLR – I’ve got my eye on the Canon EOS D40.

I wish I had some major drama, pathos, or otherwise interesting stuff to report this time, but you’ll just have to settle for the tantalizing photos.

A trayful of tantalizing treats




Rainbow boxes

Asleep at last


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