Some ghostly images, and recent victims

There go the neighborhoods. Progress, also known as corporate profit, continues to nibble away at Chengdu’s architectural heritage. Here’s a brief update, with a chance to display some of my “distressed” images via Photoshop.

First, a quote from my favorite architectural blogger, Lynn Becker of Chicago:

Ultimately, buildings – even the great ones – are only as good as the sense of life they nurture within. Even unexceptional structures….can often do this especially well.

A ghost of the past: ancient gateway, Guangdaxiang Alley. It will survive a little while longer as a “screen” for a new construction site directly behind.

Ancient wall, Guangdaxiang Alley. The last time I was there, it had suffered damage from the May 12 earthquake and was partially roped off.

Going, going….These buildings may collapse from decades of sheer inertia, but they still bravely shoulder their burden.

“Ghosted” image of chairs in an old alley, Shuijingfang district.

An old residence and brick entry gate that have disappeared from central Chengdu since I took this photo 2 years ago.

Another victim? The Shuijingfang district is fast disappearing, but the destruction seems to have momentarily stopped. Ancient alleys now dead-end at the back walls of luxury hotel/shopping complexes.


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