Danger in the summer moon….

…but the summer sun is OK


Have a good time but remember
There is danger in the summer moon above.
Will I see you in September
Or lose you to a summer love?

– from See you in September,
recorded by The Tempos (1959) and
The Happenings (1966), inter alia.

Apart from the song, which I remember as a favorite of one of our babysitters in childhood, this post has nothing to do with the moon. Don’t be disappointed; I have other things to tell you.

The Summer of 2008 is, of course, the Olympics. I’ve spent some of my few relaxing moments these past 2 weeks glued to the TV, mesmerized by the weightlifting and gymnastics competitions. Then there’s ping pong, volleyball, track & field, swimming, diving, and the sheer wonder of those buildings: the Water Cube and the National Stadium. And, oh yes, the $40 million Opening Ceremony.

Not the Olympics, but close: the local kindergarten playground.

My online teaching class has ended. My summer job at Sichuan University’s International Language Training Center has ended. My private tutoring sessions have ended. Now I get to rest for a week and a half before my next job: teaching business English at Esmertec mobile technology software company. I’ll have a small class of 10 students for 8 weeks of intensive study in business writing, speaking, and customer service skills. See, I knew all those years working in customer service would pay off. Still, there was that shattering moment when, after I was already poised to leave that field of work, I attended an LAUSD teacher training session in which we were told: “Teaching is ALL customer service!”


My illustrations this week are some of my friend’s photos from one of our architectural outings in Chengdu.

The “Lotus” Buildings, originally to be the Chengdu government center, but now destined for a yet-to-be-determined purpose. The buildings were designed by French architect Paul Andreu, designer of the new National Theater (“The Egg”) in Beijing.

…and an artistic shot by my friend, just because I like it:

That’s all for today.


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