Minor mood

Nothing major – I just haven’t felt like writing for a while. I haven’t been photographing lately, so these are some leftover rather bad images from my cell phone camera. I guess they show some slices of Chengdu life (or at least my life here).

I’m rather at a loss what to do with myself since school ended two weeks ago. I’m teaching one private class in the mornings, and looking for other summer employment, while anticipating my online class that starts in a week. My principal activity since it’s gotten hot seems to be staying cool. A typical day: meditation, walking the dog, running 4 laps at the track (sometimes!), practicing guitar, and studying Chinese. In one week I read the 632-page Sophie’s Choice, so that gives you an idea how much time I have on my hands.

Then there’s my, um, eating plan (I don’t say diet): mostly vegetables, almost no meat (salmon shushi sometimes), brown rice, low on the white flour, sugar, and oily foods. No visible results after 2 weeks, possibly a little more energy, but then I’ve got a long way to go.

“Central Happiness District” – just what I’ve always been looking for.

Babao Jie (major shopping street) viewed through Starbucks’ window

Pretty obvious

Tilting skyscraper, Chengdu

Shamao Street apartment block

Shamao Street slice of life


Shamao Street bus stop – waiting for the #49

The #49 arrives

Frying tiny eggs (quail??)

Eggs closeup

One response to “Minor mood

  1. I happened to see your blog after setting up my own. I read your posts about coffee, dark chocolate, rainy morning, life in Chengdu. These are my favorite topics too,and some of your thoughts are profound.I enjoyed reading them.Good job, Roger.

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