Birthday weekend

My brother’s birthday card to me: a 1970s flashback. My god, I think I actually remember that shirt!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me … yes, another one, though I’m at the age where I stop counting. It’s also the date when I celebrate 17 years in sobriety. So I’m actually a teenager. Deal with it.

…And today, with my new “pointy” hairstyle.

My birthday weekend was pretty fabulous, filled with good food and many adventures. It was spent with my best friend, who treated me to some delicious meals: first, a home-cooked feast on Friday night, then a dinner of Japanese barbeque on Sunday. Oh yes, then there was cake and ice cream….

I had to teach classes on my actual birthday Monday, but that evening two of my students took me to dinner at a local restaurant.

The only depressing event was breaking a tooth last Thursday, necessitating a trip to the dentist at the University hospital. I will have yet another crown installed – this one will be number 5.

At the SM shopping center (no, not that kind of SM) – eating the tree ornaments

The feast my friend cooked for me at my apartment on Friday night.

I don’t know that name of this dish, but it had chicken and preserved vegetables.

Eggs with tomatoes

Cucumbers with SPICY oil

A delicious soup with pork ribs and lotus root

– 好吃!(delicious)

Sunday night, at Ajisen (Japanese ramen) Restaurant. We ate barbecue, which we cooked at our own table.

Dipping sauces and eating utensils, Ajisen.

And another flashback….

…about age 3. Wasn’t I CUTE??

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