Xiao Gou Gou

Xiao Gou Gou came to live with me two weeks ago today. My friend and I had seen him three days earlier, lying in the grass beside the sidewalk, injured, half-starved, and abandoned. He’d been on the street at least four days, possibly more, and had evidently been abused before that. He had been blinded in his right eye by some sharp object, probably by a human. He had blue plastic shopping bags tied around his throat, and a kind of plastic rope tied around his midsection. He was too terrified to move.

Xiao Gou Gou (小狗狗 in Chinese) means “puppy dog.” Aside from the eye injury, and what appear to be some minor wounds, he’s in good health, and recovering with astonishing speed. It’s now all I can do to keep up with him on our walks. My friend took these photos today, so I can share them with you.

So I’ve unexpectedly become a Doggy Daddy, after many years of being a cat person. Dogs are definitely more work. And you have to bathe them. Xiao Gou Gou follows me everywhere, sleeps in bed with me, and performs sex acts with pillows (no, I won’t give details). Apparently, he also enjoys classical guitar music. He’s less than a year old; I wonder how big he’ll get!


2 responses to “Xiao Gou Gou

  1. You are lucky to have found the dog [and he you]. A dog will give you more love than any cat.

  2. You two look good together.

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