Ancient history

I mean my own, not China’s.

These are photos from some of my “past lives.” By a stroke of luck, one of my data CDs that couldn’t be read by my computer in China suddenly decided to reveal its contents. I can now share parts of myself that I thought had been lost in digital limbo forever. It’s funny how we want to believe that photographs reveal some sort of continuity in our lives when, in fact, many lives have no continuity whatsoever.

Maybe that’s why Buddhism appeals to me; everything is fleeting, ephemeral, and subject to constant change and sudden disappearance. Also, all of life and experience can be contained in a single moment, kind of like a photograph.

Sidewalk scene, lower Manhattan, 1980. This is a sepia print I made in a darkroom class in L.A. last year.

Self-portrait in distorting reflective object, New York, 1980. This was just after my return from a year in France.

Starr Fireproof Rooms, Chicago, 1981

Night-time carousel, Paris, 1980

Building on a hill, Sunset Blvd. at Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, 2000


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