Halloween night

Night and the city: a view from my apartment building

Although Halloween doesn’t really happen here, I celebrated the night of October 31 by taking a walk with my camera to try to create some “eerie” photos. I scared myself silly. When I came back to my apartment and found that I was only halfway through evaluating my students’ homework, then I REALLY started screaming.

Scary tree

Sidewalk of fear

I had one class create their own ghost stories. I gave them the beginning:

A man was walking home alone one night when he heard a
BUMP…BUMP…BUMP… sound behind him. Walking faster, he looked back, and he

Some of the results were:

“A black cat.”
“A monster.”

In groups of 3, they then created their own mini-dramas. One student read the story, the second “acted” it out, and the third made sound effects. It was bone-chilling.

Lonely night street

Window of Mystery

“Once upon a midnight dreary….”


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