Live from Chengdu

I’m taking advantage of my final week before Fall Semester begins to explore a different area of Chengdu each day. I’m getting nervous about teaching again, the old feelings of inadequacy are returning, and I haven’t heard a peep from the Foregin Languages Dept. about what I’ll be doing starting next Monday.

The more I try to get outside my own head, the more I worry about my shortcomings as a teacher. I guess this is normal for anyone in this profession. AA has a term for this kind of thinking: self-will run riot. I just call it running into myself. Over and over again. Damn! I thought I left my anxieties behind when I escaped the Land of Bush.

I’ve met with another of the UESTC teachers, and he tells me not to worry. The students will all be shuffling class schedules for the first couple of weeks, deciding which English class they want to be in. Then, after three weeks, the National Holiday in October closes everything for a week.

The weather is cooler, and I’ve been having some nice strolls in the morning and evening.

Intersecting roofs, Buddhist temple

Flickering candles, Buddhist temple

Ornate hanging lanterns, Wenshu Monastery

Wooden screens, Wenshu Monastery

Somebody call the fashion police! Outside an “army surplus” store


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