Into Tibet – a few more photos

You can now see ALL of my photos on Flickr, the photo storage and sharing site, on my personal page here

I couldn’t resist adding just a few more worthy shots from my Tibetan journey:

Kangding: traditional Tibetan style building of stone and wood, in need of rescue

In the grasslands just before Tagong, a Tibetan stone farmhouse. If you look closely you can see the satellite dish on the upper balcony.

Tagong Monastery, the central building. The monastery also houses a library of ancient texts. The side of the complex toward the hill in the background is a long wall of prayer wheels of varying sizes, turned constantly by pilgrims.

Ready for their close-ups: yaks at the monastery of the 7th Dalai Lama in Bamei (the monastery’s Chinese name is Hui Yuan)

A corner of the main prayer hall at Hui Yuan, Bamei, showing wind chime hanging from dragon’s mouth. At the top of the wall are horizontal bands made of tightly-bundled sticks, their cut ends pointed outward, the edges smoothed and painted dark reddish-brown. Overhangs above windows and above each layer of wall are made of slate tiles.

You can see a good shot of this building’s interior by Kenneth So in his Sichuan gallery here:


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