Hot Pot

Sue, my teaching assistant, and her friend Connie took me out for my first Hot Pot on Saturday night. We walked to a local restaurant on the First Ring Road for this scrumptious treat. Sooner or later, everyone in Chengdu eats Hot Pot; it’s the local specialty.
Sue and Connie
At the table – Hot Pot in the center, ingredients on the side.
The Hot Pot is a fiery red blend of water, oil, Sichuan chili, and spices. The raw ingredients cook in the liquid: beef, potatoes, mushrooms, fish, vegetables, etc. In the center is a round container of soup.

Bon apetit! It isn’t as easy as it looks.

The flavors blend together as you add more ingredients to the pot. Various sauces and seasonings, including chopped fresh garlic, are added after the food is taken out. After a few bites, my mouth was pleasantly numb from the hot chilis. My technique with chopsticks left much to be desired. After dinner, we walked slowly back to campus.


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