More Chengdu Adventures 2

Continued from previous post (below)….

Downtown skyscraper

Chunxi Lu, the main pedestrian shopping district. Watch out for con artists and pickpockets. Whenever we were approached by one of the hucksters wanting to sell something, Mike and Jack would say “We don’t understand, we’re American.” We got a laugh out of that.

My first spicy Sichuan dumplings. The boys treated me. I ate three bowls. Yummmmm.

Renmin (People’s) Park: A serene, reflective place

Renmin Park: lily pond

This wasn’t the end of our adventure. From Renmin Park we walked for what seemed like miles, crossing the Fulan River (the “mother river” of Chengdu) to the southwest part of the central city near Wuhou Temple Museum. The area around the temple has been turned into a touristy shopping area called Jinli. The narrow streets and buildings are picturesque, but they’re all recreations of historic styles. We stopped at a teahouse for green tea (Mike and Jack didn’t like it) and I felt guilty because they paid 60 yuan for the expensive stuff, which was served in glasses (not cups) that were too hot to handle. I am discovering that it’s “honorable” to insist to pay for something, even if you don’t want to. I did buy some incense at a “Tibetan” store. Mike saw a box of magician’s tricks that he wanted, and I was tempted to buy it for him, but it was over 200 yuan. He’s also a pretty good artist – he had his sketchbook with him.

In Jinli we ate some snacks, fried tofu on sticks, that “smell horrible but taste really good.” They’re coated with some kind of paste and dusted with hot chili powder.

We caught a double-decker bus, which took us back through downtown, then transferred to another bus to take us back to the University. I said goodbye to my new friends.


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