It finally happened! Two years of preparation, and at least a year prior to that THINKING about teaching, have paid off.

I spent my first day at Aspect ILA at Whittier College: arose at 5 am, left home at 5:30, did the subway + 2 buses commute, arrived at 7 am in time for coffee at Starbucks, went to the school, grabbed the class notes left by the teacher for whom I’m subbing this week, and jumped in! I taught 3 classes, which was a surprise, since the 3rd class was “sprung” on my when I arrived. I limped through an 8:15 am grammar class, with weary students partied out after the 3-day July 4 weekend; I warmed up during a “skills” class in which we talked about I Love Lucy and The Wizard of Oz (talk about coming full circle! The Wizard of Oz was the first great, and the most lasting, influence on my young life); and I enjoyed my way through a Business English class. As they say back in Missouri, Who woulda thunk??
I am energized, tired, frazzled, jazzed, and – well, you know the feeling you get that makes you smack your forehead with your palm and say “DUH!!” It’s kind of like I knew all along that this was what I was cut out for. (OK, grammatically speaking, this was that occupation out for which I was cut – couldn’t resist.)
It’s 9:20 pm. The trip home took 2 hours, and ended with a ritual visit to Zankou Chicken on Sunset Blvd. for a half chicken plate – hummus, pickles, tomatoes, garlic sauce, pita, the works. I came home and zonked out for about 90 minutes. I need to do some lesson planning. Tomorrow is the double whammy: teach in the morning, then work my “real” job from 1:30 to 8:00 pm. Just do it; don’t think about it.
Tomorrow is another day.

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